Kotengu (literally, "little tengu[3]") is the nickname given to the Tengu of Mount Funaoka (船岡山|Funaoka-zan?), one of the northern mountains around Kyou. Although originally a fearsome creature, Kotengu's power was sealed by Yasuaki and he was confined to a miniature form in which he could not do any magic (but plenty of eating and complaining). He is semi-adopted by Akane and the Hachiyou and although he is constantly threatening revenge against Yasuaki, he settles down to often run errands for the group. In the anime, Kotengu's magic is unsealed by Yasuaki to let him fight against the possessed Byakko, and though defeated, he survives the encounter and returns to his miniature form at the end of the series.[4] In the manga, his fate is more decisive. It appears that he was killed after a similar battle with Ikutidaru, in which Eisen mistakenly prevented Kotengu from attacking the oni, therefore leaving him defenseless'.[5]