Akuram appears to be a young man in his 20s at least. He has long blonde hair -which is thought of as a sure sign of a demon in the Capital- and is hansom. He wears traditional clothing with a hat which was common for men to wear.


The leader of the Oni (demon) Clan, who summoned Akane to Kyou in order to utilize her power to gain full domination over the city. Akuram is said to be the most powerful of recent leaders of the Oni Clan, and his power stretches to such a level that even his close associates aren't sure how to deal with it. Akuram inherited the mask of the Oni Clan, allowing him to lead them, because he had the greatest potential to do so as a young boy. Even now he is still young despite his position. On one occasion the mask is shattered, breaking his spell and forcing him to retreat, and it seems that the mask itself is a way of focusing the magic of the Oni.
Akuram's motivation is not always clear. Sometimes it appears that he simply wants to dominate all of Kyou, however on occasion he suggests that part of his motivation is revenge for the deaths of many of his kinsfolk over the past generations of conflict between the Oni and the people of Kyou. His interest in Akane seems to be predominately a matter of obtaining power, although he often refers to her as 'his' Miko (priestess), and gets quite angry when any of his subordinates bring harm to her without his permission.
He is also the one who summoned Ran to Kyou as the Priestess of the Dragon God. He uses her to get to the power of the black dragon.